Gender Discrimination Lawyer

It is a violation of your civil rights for an employer to discriminate on the basis of your gender. The our team stands up for women (or men) who are refused a job or advancement, mistreated, or sexually harassed in the workplace, because of their gender.

Gender Discrimination Lawyer – Sexual Harassment at work?

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John Burris has practiced in civil rights litigation for over 25 years. He can analyze your situation to determine whether an employer has violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or California’s Fair Housing and Employment Act. He has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements and other relief for victims of:

  • Gender discrimination in hiring, pay, promotion, work duties, training, discipline or termination
  • Pregnancy discrimination or retaliation
  • Sexual harassment such as sexual advances or hostile work environment
  • Sexual orientation discrimination (prohibited under California law)

Mr Burris and his team have handled cases in every workplace setting, including private employment and government jobs.

  • Mr. Burris sued the Oakland Police Department on behalf of a former lieutenant for denying her promotion to captain because of her gender and pregnancy. A jury awarded her $2 million in damages (later reduced to $500,000).
  • Mr. Burris also sued the California Department of Corrections (DOC) on behalf of a female correctional officer for discrimination and retaliation. The department failed to take action against male inmates who masturbated in her presence and otherwise harassed and humiliated her. The jury awarded $600,000 plus attorney fees, and the DOC was required to amend its policy to hold inmates accountable for such behavior.

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Litigation and Consulting

Legal remedies for a successful gender discrimination lawsuit may include hiring or reinstatement, back pay, front pay, promotion, damages for emotional distress, attorney fees, and fines or punitive damages.

In some cases, an employee may be barred from filing suit because of a statute of limitations, or because she did not give notice to an employer of the violation and exhaust administrative remedies. Mr. Burris commonly helps clients achieve non-litigation remedies, such as confidential settlements with employers.

If you believe you were a victim of gender discrimination or gender-based harassment, Contact Us Today  to discuss your legal options.