Special Focus on False Arrest, Illegal Searches, and Police Frame-Ups

John Burris is best known for his work in police misconduct and civil rights litigation, but he first founded his practice as a criminal defense lawyer in Oakland California. Our firm has successfully defended many clients against every charge from drunk driving to murder, and we know all the tricks that police and prosecutors use to try to put people behind bars.

Mr. Burris is a former prosecutor with more than 30+ years of experience in California’s criminal justice system. He opened his own practice in 1985,  and began concentrating chiefly on criminal defense. The firm can capably respond to all felony and misdemeanor criminal allegations, including homicide and resisting arrest.

Mr. Burris specifically knows how to challenge the admissibility of physical evidence, especially if it was obtained from an illegal traffic stop or illegal search and seizure. He compares the police reports with client and witness accounts, knowing from his experience in police misconduct cases that the officers’ version of events is often “cleaned up.”

Our goal is to keep clients out of jail or prison — going to trial if necessary — or negotiating effectively for a lesser sentence when the facts are in the prosecution’s favor.

criminal defense lawyerResisting Arrest and other Phony Charges
When our client is charged with assaulting a police officer or resisting arrest with no other criminal charges, it is a telltale sign of police harassment. Mr. Burris is adept at getting these bogus charges dismissed as a baseless cover-up of illegal stops and searches. He also pursues civil rights complaints and police misconduct lawsuits when the facts of the case merit.

Our effective representation is based on knowledge of criminal law, constitutional rights and insights into how law enforcement operates. Put your trust in an experienced criminal defense team. Contact our Oakland office today to discuss your case.

criminal defense lawyer

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